How To Host A Digital Vision Board Party

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Vision boards are all the rave this time of year—and all-year-round if you’re just that goal-oriented. 

They’re worth the hype, too, because you don’t know excitement until you’ve worked on your vision board alongside your besties!

Hosting a huge vision board party might not be the best idea when the Omicron variant is forcing everyone to take precautions yet again. But we still have the green light to host small gatherings, and who doesn’t need some human interaction during these times to help maintain good mental health? 

So, round up a few of your friends, and host your very own stylish digital vision board party! It’s the perfect way to hang out with the girls while manifesting your goals. 

No worries if you have no vision board ideas or don’t know what hosting a vision board party entails because, in this post, I’m going to dish out all the details. You’ll learn why vision boards are an important low-effort way to reach your goals, how to host and style a vision board party, and the five must-haves every vision board party host needs to know.

What is a Digital Vision Board?

Digital Vision Board Template From BrandedbyUni on Etsy

If you’ve ever created a physical vision board before, then you’ll be glad to know that a digital vision board is pretty much the same thing, except it’s made on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet instead of a poster board. 

A digital vision board is a mess-free, cost-effective, and accessible way to create a visual representation of your goals and intentions for this year and beyond. So put the scissors down, save yourself a trip to the craft store, and create a digital vision board with your friends in just a few simple steps. 

Hosting a vision board party calls for friends, decor (of course), food, and drinks, and you guessed it—vision boards. You and your friends will come together to discuss your goals and inspirations and create your digital vision boards. And don’t think that just because we’re back to social distancing and intimate gatherings, you can’t have a fabulous party!

The memories made at your vision board party will be worthwhile, and you know what they say: a picture is worth 1000 words. So, it’s essential to put some effort into your party decor, and that way, you can look back at this crazy time and be proud of yourself for making the most of it.

How to Host a Digital Vision Board Party

Alright, it’s go-time now. You’ve learned what a digital vision board and a vision board party are all about, so now it’s time to make your vision board party come to life. So let’s get to it:

Step 1: Select a digital vision board template in advance.

There are a lot of vision board templates to choose from online. But Canva is your best bet for free mood board templates that you can transform into your unique digital vision board. 

However, if you’re down to pay a small fee for the perfect template, Etsy has digital vision board templates galore like this one, and you can upload them to Canva, too!

But what’s more important than choosing a gorgeous template is making sure you test whatever template you choose before your party so you can instruct your guests well. And speaking of which…

Step 2: Prepare instructions for your guests.

Many Canva templates sold on Etsy come with their own set of directions that you can print out and display for your friends, so the hard work is done for you there. 

However, if you plan on using a free Canva template, make your own step-by-step instructions to help out your homegirls!’

Step 3: Gather supplies.

Although you don’t have to worry about sourcing mountains of newspapers and magazines, it’s still a good idea to provide your guests with a few items that are essential to every great digital vision board party. 

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Laptop or tablet stands. There are several options for portable stands on Amazon. They even come in pink! If you don’t have access to these, don’t sweat it. A table works fine!
  • A monitor. To put your digital vision boards on display for everyone, have your guests cast their boards to a monitor or TV with screen mirroring. 
  • Vision board prompts. No vision board ideas? No problem. Guide your guests by gifting them a guided book of prompts, pulling inspirational prompts online or making up your own. I found an amazing vision board planner that has helpful prompts that guide you step-by-step in thinking through your vision.
  • Ink pens and notepads. Use regular or party-themed pens and notepads for guests to write their thoughts down.

 Step 4: Prepare food and libations.

Is it really a party without food and drinks? 

Bring out the charcuterie board and some wine to get the party started, or you could even ask your guests to BYOB.

Step 5: Make it look fabulous.

Add some style with light table decor and a simple photo backdrop to commemorate the occasion. Neon lights are all the rave right now and choosing one with a phrase can help establish a theme and set a positive tone for the party. I found a sign that says, “Do What You Love” which is perfect for a vision board party. I also found a floral garland to go around it for an eye-popping backdrop that my friends would want to take pictures in front of. With this last step (and all the others, too), you can let your creative juices run free, so have fun with it.

Tips For a Productive Digital Vision Board Party

We’ve covered a lot in this post about vision board parties and how to make yours a hit. But if you still need more detailed instructions, you can watch this video that walks you through creating a digital vision board using Canva templates. 

Remember, the purpose of your vision board party is to set goals for yourself while surrounded by friends. Using prompts will help keep everyone focused and on task. Sometimes people find themselves doing more socializing than visioning, and that’s okay! At least you can lay the groundwork for you to complete your vision board when you’re less distracted. It’s normal to take a few days, weeks, or longer to finish your board.

Your party can be as casual or fancy as you like. Don’t overthink it, and you can even ask your guests to help you with setup.

Final Thoughts

Safely gathering with friends is an easy way to take care of your mental health as the pandemic continues, and a digital vision board party is a fabulous excuse to have friends over. 

So save yourself time and money this new year, and create a digital vision board that you can keep as a screensaver or print onto a poster as a constant reminder of your goals!

Need Help Styling Your Small Gathering?

If you plan on hosting a digital vision board party or any other gathering, I am happy to help you make it look fabulous! Contact me today by email or by booking a free consultation call.

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