What is an Event Stylist and 3 Reasons You Need One For Your Next Gathering

When you imagine your future wedding or milestone birthday party, what vibe are you going for? 

That might sound like an odd question, but maybe, you want the aesthetic of your wedding to feel whimsical and romantic, or your party to feel fun and eclectic, for example. And you might think that getting the look and feel of your wedding or gathering just right is a task that only an event planner can take on. But let me introduce you to the magic of having an event stylist on your side! 

In this blog post, I’ll break down what an event stylist is, the differences between an event stylist and planner, and why you need one for your next occasion. So, if you’ve got a big event coming up, keep on reading for the 411.

What is an event stylist, and what do they do?

An event stylist or event designer is in charge of establishing a cohesive look and feel for an event. There are also e-stylists/e-designers (like me), who work with clients virtually without ever having to meet in person. Unlike event planners, event stylists handle specific design projects that impact the overall aesthetic of an event, such as table settings, backdrops, and other decor elements. 

And while some event stylists offer different services like renting decor from their own inventory, while others only design the concept or oversee decor vendors, the goal of every event stylist is the same: to design and set the visual tone of your event according to your vision. 

You can think of us as the creative director of your gathering!

How is an event stylist different from an event planner?

The roles of an event stylist and event coordinator or planner can certainly overlap, and they often work alongside one another for the common goal of producing an amazing event. Still, the key difference between the two is that while event planners handle the logistics of the entire event, an event stylist only coordinates projects related to the style and design of an event. Plus, an event designer’s job can be done entirely virtually, too!

Why do I need an event stylist for my next event?

An event designer can help you pull off your event with style, and could be the missing piece that makes your dream wedding or event come true—just as you imagined! But whether you’re planning a small or grand occasion, an event designer could be of great help to you for these reasons:

  1. An event stylist can provide digital mockups so you can see just how your vision will come to life before you fully commit to a concept. 
  2. Because event stylists specialize in one area, you know that you’re getting the best expertise regarding the look and feel of your event. 
  3. Event designers can suggest creative ways to bring your vision to life within your budget that you may not have thought of.

Event design doesn’t have to be on the back burner when you have an event stylist by your side. You deserve to get those vibes just right for your wedding or special occasion!

Ready to take your event to the next level?

I’m happy to be at your service! If you need an event stylist for your wedding or special event, contact me today by email or book a free consultation call.

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Jennifer Martin

Bonjour! I'm Jennifer Martin, event stylist, and creator of Prix Fixe Party. I've always had a passion for design, and nothing gives me more fulfillment than seeing a design I've birthed evolve into a beautiful event. I truly believe that decorating weddings and events should be fun and as stress-free as possible, and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to make this possible for people.

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